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The importance of making the best first impression:

It can take just seconds from someone walking into your home to decide if they are going to buy it or not …

As you do not get a second chance to make a first impression, it is vital you make it count!

These simple, cost effective tips will help you prepare your property for marketing:

Ask your Agent:

Right at the start of the process, your Estate Agent is on hand to give you an impartial opinion and advice on any questions you may have.

The aim is to make your house look as light, well maintained and spacious as possible.

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes – Try and visualise exactly what they will see. There will be damage, wobbly cupboards and scuffed paintwork that that you have become blind to in day to day life, but spending an extra few days completing some simple DIY can be invaluable. You could look enlist a handyman if you are not keen on DIY.

The agents marketing photos will be the first thing buyers will see, so each room needs to look it’s best.

Outside is just as important as the inside:

The impressions will start as soon as prospective buyers arrive at your property, even before they step through the front door! Some buyers may drive past the property ahead of time, if it looks in bad condition from the outside they may completely discount viewing altogether.

Pull on the gardening gloves or invest in some garden help - Sweep the driveway, tidy the garden and move the bins. Clean or even consider re-painting your front door for an extra fresh entrance.

The same applies to the back garden too – Slides, trampolines and toys can take up a lot of space. Mow the lawn, clean the patio. Consider a trip to the garden center for some seasonal plants to inject a bit of extra colour in a very cost-effective way. Your garden will be seen as an extension of the living space so do not forget about it.

Make some space:

Most people will be moving for more space - De-cluttering and de-personalising are key activities.

Always try and move as much clutter into storage as you can (ask family if they can help with space if you want to keep costs down) Personal items, photographs, toys on the floor or hidden behind the sofa can be an unwanted distraction. The aim is to maximise the sense of space in every room.

Take the dog (and kids) for a walk:

You may love your pets and your little ones but potential buyers may not. From phobias to allergies, having them out of the house will not only make it more relaxing for buyers whilst viewing, but will also help to make your property look more spacious. They are loving members of your family but their odour will linger, so room spray or a fresh bunch of flowers can mask any unpleasant scents.

Clean before each and every viewing:

It sounds so simple but as your biggest asset, make your property shine before each viewing!

Buyers will flush toilets and turn on taps to check water pressure, so make sure they sparkle.

Opening curtains, letting in some air and making the beds is a simple way to ensure each room look it’s best.

Let your Estate Agent do their thing:

For first viewings, it can be good to leave the agent alone with the buyers and let them show them around.

A seller being in a property during a viewing can make some buyers feel pressured or rushed, so for first viewings let the agent do their thing. If buyers do show serious interest and want to book a second viewing, this could be a good time to meet as they may have more personal questions only you can answer and it can help to build trust and rapport even before they make a formal offer.
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